close up of a fading tree sitting on top of a rotten trunk

How to Tell if a Tree Is Dying: 4 Signs You Shouldn’t Ignore

Trees are awe-inspiring creatures and can be the centerpiece of many beautiful landscapes worldwide. They require great care and attention for an extended period. It’s important to understand that trees won’t live forever, and sudden death is not uncommon. Although it’s difficult to predict when they will pass away, several signs indicate a tree is beyond saving. Here are four ways how to tell if a tree is dying. 

close up of a fading leave found on a dying tree

Falling or Fading Leaves

If you notice that your tree’s leaves are starting to fade or fall off entirely, it could be a sign that your tree is dying. This can be caused by several things, including heat, drought, insects, or disease. Deficiencies in soil nutrition prevent trees from getting enough nutrients to thrive. They begin to shed their leaves in an attempt to conserve energy until more nutrients are available.

close up of a trunk thats rotten from the inside out

Rotting Trunk

If you’ve noticed that there are holes in your tree’s trunk that are getting bigger every day, odds are it’s rotting away from the inside out. This means it needs immediate attention before it dies completely and becomes hazardous to anyone near it. If your soil does not drain well enough, water will pool around the base of your tree, causing rot. Other signs of a dying tree and trunk include overwatering, fungus, or tangled roots.

close up of a trees dried roots

Cracked and Dry Roots

If the roots in your yard aren’t soaking up water anymore this could mean there’s something wrong with how deep they’re planted into the ground. It could also mean that your soil has become compacted over time and needs to be aerated. One way to determine whether or not this is happening is by digging up a few plants and comparing how deep their roots go. If some have gone much deeper than others, then it’s time for changes to save a dying tree.

a dying tree thats started to lean

Leaning Trees

When a tree grows, it has to support its weight with its roots and trunk. If there is an imbalance in the root structure or the forces being exerted on the tree, then that leaning can occur. Trees also tend to lean because roots grow toward a source of water or nutrients. This could cause structural damage to your property or pose a safety hazard to anyone walking around it. 

Partner With a Tree Care Company for Help

At Duffey Tree Care, LLC, we’ve provided solutions to those who can’t determine how to tell if a tree is dying for over a decade. Our professional arborists use cutting-edge technologies to take care of dying trees and remove them safely. Get in touch with us today to learn how to tell if a tree is dead. We’ve given many property owners in and near Columbus, OH peace of mind knowing their trees are in the hands of professionals. 

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